Interview: Spinballs


Franais English

October 2002

In spite they stole Bjork's font, these guys don't come from Iceland but from Sweden. They've put down, a few months ago, a powerfull & corrosive LP, and then have turned a lot in the north of the Europe, this last weeks.
Thanks a lot to Stefan for answering to this interview.


1/ How long have you been playing for?

About 4 years


2) Where are you from?

We are fom the north os Sweden, a small town called Sundsvall.

3) Who are You (name, hobbies, fav' band, fav' movie, ...)?

Tomas Palini : guitar, wox.
He loves computers, beer and pizza. DEMENTED ARE GO is his fav' band. He likes Quentin Tarantino movies.

Ola Mannström : drummer, wox
He loves his girlfriend and all kind of music + beer and booze.

Stefan Larsson : slapbas + screems
He likes sick movies and brutal music. Pulp Fiction is probably the best movie ever like the outher lads.
Stefan likes beer and booze.

4) How many times have you performed?

A bunsh

5) You were known as the PINBALLS (I guess). Why have you changed your name?


We had some problem with the spelling and preninsing off the old name...

6) What are your best 'Live' memories?

Finland at the Midsummer Jamboree no.69.
Fucking awsome, a lots of great bands to see and fucking cool people, there was a hell of a wrecking going on at the time we played. Fucking COOL !

7) What would you say about the actual psychobilly scene?

In Sweden, the psycho scene is almost nothing but in europe it´s alot bigger. It should be bigger and louder!!!

8) What are your musical influences?

Everyting that is distorted an brutal and that little twang...

9) Other Influences?

Beer booze and girls, hehe...

10) Who's Izzy?

He is a fuck face who wanted to be on our record so bad, that we had to let him do it and he has got green hair.

11) What are the next projects of the band?

We are abot to start som recording and perhaps it will be realised to, you never know...

12) Have you got something to add?

yeeee. Jochen Zorn rules!!!

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