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June 2002

Paul ROMAN has acepted to answer to this interview. His band exists since 1987 (with some changes) but the QUAKES are still exploring some new kind of Psychobilly.
"LAST OF THE HUMAN BEINGS", their last album has just comin' out. Check out for it!

the Quakes

Stray Cats

1) The early beginning of the QUAKES’ story looks like the beginning of the STRAY CATS : an American band who goes to Europe to record its first LP, ... Is it the reason of your 1st cover?

Yes exactly there was no scene in America and we knew that we would have better luck in Europe, so we sold all our stuff and went to London with nothing
arranged etc., just like the Stray Cats. They (the Stray Cats) found our cover very intriguing. Slim Jim says he has it on his wall at home.

2) Can you describe your music in 2002?

The music we are doing now is a lot different than when we did the first album, in fact we have tried to make all of our records a little different. In 2002 we are still playing all the old songs live and we’ve added some new ones to the set.

3) What are your musical influences?

One of my biggest influences musically is my own rage and my dislike for everything, I tend to write songs when I’m mad. There are not a lot of happy Quakes songs ha! ha!

4) Other influences? Other things you like?

I like a lot of things-from Spade Cooley and Speedy West to Depeche Mode and Adam Ant and of course all forms of “billy” music.
Other things that I like include fishing and hockey.

5) You had troubles with Nervous Rcds because of the "LIVE IN JAPAN" LP.
How are your relations today?

Well what can I say other than my advice to young bands is not to sign with a label- Do it yourself- this is a small scene. I don't own the rights to any of my early work.

the Quakes

6) You're just coming back from a German tour. How was it?

We did one show at a fest in Germany - it was great! good crowd and good times.

7) Which actual bands are you close to?

Back in the 90’s we were close with all of the bands on the scene and it was fun going on tour with The Coffin nails or Torment- these days-I see The Nekromantix a lot and we have been friends for along time and the guys from Tiger Army are all cool- There isn't anyone that we don't like really- I'm a big fan of the music so I respect the talent of all these guys.

8) I've not listen to your last record yet,"LAST OFTHE HUMAN BEINGS". Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Well- there are all forms of “Quakes” music on here from psycho to neobilly and a surprise ghost track.

9) "LAST OF THE HUMAN BEINGS" goes out on OREXX Rcds. Is it a new label?

Orrexx records is my record label- after years of being ripped off- I decide to do it myself and now I own the rights and we get ALL of the money- I recommend it to everyone.

the Quakes

10) You've belong to the early 90's European scene, you used to play a lot in Japan (all your records have been reissued on a Japanese label), and now you belong to the actual American psychobilly scene.
Are there differences and similarities between this 3 periods?

We were never part of the American scene because up until just recently, there wasn’t one! We actually were playing around Europe in 1987, We played the Klubfoot a couple times before they knocked it down.
Japan was cool, we had a deal with SONY records and we sold a lot of cds there. The album New Generation was meant only for Japan and was then licensed to Europe a year later. We were in main stream magazines and did a lot of radio interviews etc.We prefer playing outside of the USA because the fans are more into it and have been into it for a long time.

11) What are the next projects of the band?

We are going to play a few festivals and maybe a tour in Europe later this year, We also have another release we want to put out early next year. It will have a lot of unreleased songs and new ones and rare live stuff etc.

12) Have you got something else to add?

I would like to say that we have only played in France one time and we had a great time and somebody please bring us back!!! ha! ha!

13) Bonus Question : You've perhaps read the review of your LP in Wattzap site. (Ok, I know, it's in French...) What do you think about it?

I did not see the review and if its in French I can’t read it- but most of the reviews we have got have been good. The only ones that have been negative have said that it wasn’t “hard” enough or not psycho enough. Basically not everyone is going to like EVERYTHING that you do but as an artist we need to try new things and just hope people like it rather that trying to come up with something just to please the crowd- that's boring.

Thanks - Vive le Rock!

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