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August 2004

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The VOODOO DEVILS are a band coming from the North-Est of the France. They play a very-well done wild Psychobilly with 80's influences. Their 1st LP is just coming out, so, before running to buy it, take a few minutes to read this interviews.

Voodoo Devils

1) First, the band members presentation: Who plays what?

  • H.x. : LEAD/VOCAL
  • Sebassman : DOUBLE BASS
  • Thierry : DRUM

2) What do you do, except the music?

It is varied enough in fact ; we all work, outside of the Voodoos.
Seb is a cooker, Jeff woks on ebony, Thierry is an administratif agent, and Hx is an operator…

3) How long does the band exist?

It exists since 2001

4) How many concerts have been played by the VOODOO DEVILS? With who? What are your best live memories?

The voodoos have played around 30 concerts. With a lot of other bands, coming from different areas, like THE ASTRO ZOMBIES, THE MONSTERS KLUB, UP TO VEGAS, THE HANGMEN but also LA BRIGADA FLORES MAGON, the HELLSUCKERS …

Voodoo Devils

Our best live memories, it's an impossible choice!! Each concert has its own surprises and its ow anecdotes: they all, in a way or another, marked us!

5) Some of the members play in some other bands?

Every members play in an other band:

  • Hx play with the Dust Surfers,
  • Seb in the Astros Zombies,
  • Jef in Redkick
  • et Thierry in Shu-waa.

6) With Sébastien playing for the ASTRO-ZOMBIES, that doesn't imply any organisation troubles?

None; a good organization maeks it roll!!

7) How could you describe the VOODOO DEVILS music?

Our music is a « sound trip », between the different Neo-rockabilly styles (50, Psycho, Garage, Rockin’ blues…)

8) What are your main musical influences?

Voodoo Devils

Our main musical influences come from the 80’s-90’s britanic Psycho-Rockabilly scene.

9) Your 1st record is just comin' out. Could you describe it?

We've put a lot of ourselves in it, and a lot of sweat, so listen to it...

10) How could we found it?

The usual networks are gettin' on !

11) There are a few bands emerging, in France, in this moments. How do you see the French Psychobilly scene?

There's finally the come-back of true R’n’ R ! Nowadays Psycho is much more varied than 10 years ago: Garage, Psycho, Rock, Surf, Punk rock… There are less trouble between the different Rock audiences...

12)Which bands are you close to?

We're close to the Astros zombies, the Dust Surfers, Nirvana and Oasis ?!?
And also Elvis OF COURSE !

13) The Last Word?

Buy our record!!!

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