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July 2003

The SHARKS are one of the mythic bands who's contributed to establish the Psychobilly / Neo-Rockab movement. They splitted juste after their 1st succefull LP, but the SHARKS came back quickly on stage and in studio for new releases. During this time, Alan Wilson, the guitarist and founder of the band, has also worked as a producer for a lot of other bands...
Interview with Alan WILSON.



1) What do you think the SHARKS have brought to the Psycho/Neo-Rockab movement?

It was always my aim to have songs that audiences would sing or shout along to, like mini-anthems. There's no better feeling than seeing the crowd join in to Deathrow, or Charlie, or Moonstomp. So I think that's probably our biggest contribution to the Psychobilly scene.

2) Could You describe the SHARKS' style?

In our day we didn't really even know that we were rockabilly, or Psychobilly. We just played what we liked to hear. I still love Rockabilly now, but listen to all sorts and so does Steve. Hopefully these subtle influences mix with the rockabilly style to broaden it.

3)What is your complete discography? Could you tell a few words on each release?

My own personal discography runs into hundreds of records (see my studio's website and click full discography
The Sharks main releases were:


Phantom Rockers - album. (Nervous) 1982
This was our first album which has sold in amazing quantities and has been released on many formats and in many countries. Roy Williams described it as 'the archetypal Neo-Rockabilly album'.

First & Last Live - album. (Nervous) 1988
Some live recordings that Nervous managed to acquire some time after the Sharks split up. This was also released in Japan on CD and more recently has been re-issued on CD by Crazy Love records.

Recreational Killer - album. (Anagram) 1993
This was the first studio album in 10 years and sold out in the first week of its release. This was with Gary Day on bass.

Ruff Stuff - album. (Rockhouse) 1994
Rare demo's etc. Also released as a 12" picture disc.

Bitch Attack - 12" EP (Vinyl Japan) 1994
Again with Gary Day on bass

Colour My Flesh - album. (Anagram) 1995
This album was the original line up back together in the studio 13 years after the Phantom Rockers recordings.

Sir Psycho - 7" EP (Fury) 1995
4 songs written and recorded in a weekend!

Live in Germany - 10" EP. picture disc (Krueger)
4 Live recordings on picture 10"

Bitch Attack - album. (Raucous) 2002
All the EP's A/B sides and some alternate versions on CD

Live In Japan - album (Crazy Love) 2002
Recorded in 1998 on our second Japanese tour.

Out soon "The Best Of" the Sharks - album (Anagram) 2003
A 25 track 'best of'CD with extensive sleeve notes


4) Which bands are you close to?

Other than the Sharks, I have worked as a producer with many bands such as Frenzy, Frantic Flintstones, etc, etc...

5) Can you tell us a little more about the bands you've worked with, at the WESTERN STUDIO?

I have been producing for about 20 years and have worked with bands from all over the world. 3 Years ago I set up a nice studio here next to my home. I have been very successful and the place is always busy. I record a lot of bands, too many to name. I work in all types of music, but naturally because of my past I get a lot of Rockabilly based bands booking in. Currently I'm half way through a new Frenzy album.

6) You've worked a lot with the FLINTSTONES and GARY DAY has been your bass player for a while; How did it happen?

I met Gary when producing an album and he told me he liked the Sharks. It was his idea to reform the Sharks with him on bass. I always liked working with Gary in the studio. He's a great musician.


7) What are you listening to, today?

Beaucoup de choses. J'adore toujours le Rockabilly mais j'adore VRAIMENT l'alternate country, qui est selon moi le nouveau PUNK. J'adore des groupes comme the Waco brothers.

8) Why did the SHARKS split after"PHANTOM ROCKERS"?

By the time the Sharks split I had already done 10 years on the road playing rockabilly. I was a bit tired of it and Steve and me used to fight a lot. So I split the band and went into producing. I also had many records released under several different names, but not in the Rockabilly field. Steve went on to form FRENZY.

9) How is your relationship with STEVE WHITEHOUSE today?

We have both grown up! We get along fine. I have produced the last 3 Frenzy albums and I work with Steve on other projects too, such as the Popeye's Dik album etc.


10) Will there be another album of the SHARKS?

We have started two new Sharks projects, but because we are both so busy, it will take a while. The First is an Instrumental album of funny tunes called Sharky Malarkey - which may be released on my own Western Star label (

The other is a full studio album titled Apax Predator. I can't imagine either album will be completed until 2004.

11) What are the projects of the WESTERN STAR STUDIO?

There are many. I have written and recorded an album with Bill Fadden and I' ll release that on my label soon. Meanwhile Bill Fadden and his band have just recorded a new album here and I'm releasing that next month. The new label is doing well, so I'm trying to put out about 8 albums a year. The studio is always totally full so there's a lot of great music available.

12) Last words?

Thanks for your interest in the Sharks and my other projects. Please feel free to check out my websites:

Best wishes

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