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March 2005

New-school Psycho with a lot of metal and horror-punk influences, HELLBATS is certainly one of the most impressive band of this kind of rock. They have a short CD out, and they took part in the European tour of the HELLBILLY'S and PLAN 9, the official tribute band to the MISFITS, and now, the band see their first album out on les Productions de l'Impossible. A good occasion to interview them.


1/ Could you ake a short historic of the band?

The Hellbats exist since 1998 .
At the beginning, we were a power-trio but, since 1 year we play with 2 guitars and with a new double-bassist Elek'nic who used to play in the Elektraws .

We've made around 100 concerts through the France and Europe, since the band exists.
Wa have supported a lot of bands, like Supersuckers, Turbo AC's , Nekromantix ,Mad sin …

We've already recorded 3 productions :

  • 1 split Maxi 45 t with an australian band " Blue Movie " out in 2001 on Pure and proud records.
  • 1 mini album 6 tracks " Fast'n'heavy " out on Productions impossible records /Nova express in November 2002
  • 1 album " Dark'n'Mighty " out on Productions impossible records and avaible through the productions spéciales in Mars 2005
  • + some samplers

2/ Who does what in the band?

Elibats : guitar + sing
Tom Toxic : drums
Elek';nic :doublebasse
Pantus : guitar


3/ How could you describe Hellbats' music?

I guess our music is quiet different from traditionnal " psycho " formations.
We'd like to make this style evolve to its extrems !!!
A music who don't evolve is condamn to die, and there's no use in copying existing bands.

I think our music is deep and inventiv, mais I should'nt have to judge it !!!!!

4/ What are your main influences?

We've got multiple influences, although we don't listen to the same things in the band.
We listen to the Rockabilly as well as the Metal !!

I'm going to name the bands who our often on our turntables:
Reverend Horton Heat, Creeedence Clearwater Revival, Slayer, Rob Zombie, Ministry, Helmet, Danko Jones, Gene Vincent, Brian Setzer, Man or Astroman, Danzig, Hellbillys, STH, Turbonegro, Dick Dale, AC/DC ...

5/ Dark lyrics. Is it the way the Hellbats see the life?

The light comes from the darkness !
Our lyrics may be dark, but our energy is positiv.
We don't like feasty bands with bad lyrics and ska pieces in their songs!
The lyrics of our next album should be different, we don't want to repeat ourselves.


6/ Comment se passent les relations avec les autres groupes des productions de l'impossible?


6/ How are you relationship with the other bands from les productions de l'impossible?

Very well !
The bands from Les productions de l'impossible are our friends for years, and we love touring with them.
And if someone'd like to make the 4 bands playing, (Hellbats , Hawaii samurai Kryptonix , Two tone club) contact phil :

7/ You have supported HELLBILLYS and PLAN 9 during their European tours.
What are your best memories?

The tours are always some good times, even if it's not easy everyday.
Hellbillys is an excellent band, and we're proud to have played with them.

The last tour with Plan 9 was a really good thing for us !
There were a lot of people, and the crowd was really good with us. (We'd like to thank all the people who has supported us and especially the guys from the west of France).


This year, we're planning a californian tour " Hellbillys - Hellbats - Plan 9 " .
We also have somme relly good memories from our mini-tour in the est, in novembre, with the Banane-Metalik.

8/ DARK 'N' MIGHTY is just out. What can you tell about it?

You should review it, don't you ????

I'm gonna give you my point:
We're proud of" Dark'n'Mighty " !
We've worked hard on this record, and I think it's a good album. A modern sound, original songs, and a devastating energy.
Buy it, we need money for our next album !!!

9/ What has the coming of Elek'Nic at the Doublebasse brought to the band?

The coming of Elek'Nic brought us a lot: he's a very good musician, and he thinks like us: " Break the rules " .

He's got a very particular way of playing, and that is exactly what we were looking for. He puts a more modern touch to our songs.
He's got a particular sound because his strings are made with shark-fishing strings!!!!!!!!!


10/ What are the plan of the band?

We're gonna have one of our song on a sample THIS IS HORROR-PUNK Vol 2 (Fiend force records Hamburg).

We're planing a new tour for 2005. (there are different projets, but nothin's done yet)

We're gonne record 4 more new tracks this summer.

Come and visit our new site :


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