Interview: Brain Eaters


Franais English

July 2004

BRAIN EATERS, that's the story of 4 unbalanced psychotics, coming straight from outer-space. BRAIN EATERS, that's 3 musiciens who play a pretty good and powerfull Garage-Rock. BRAIN EATERS, that's an amazing stage-act singer, a kind of devastating hybrid between ROCHEE SARNO and LUX INTERIOR.

Well, BRAIN EATERS are a really good stuff ... except if you got a brain, of course!


Brain Eaters
Brain Eaters

1/ Since when does the band exist ?

February 99.

2/ Where are you from ?

Paris and its suburbs.

3/ Who does what ? Can you describe yourself in a few words?

PROF BOUBOU : song, howls, lyrics, cascades, strip tease and artwork.
HEAVY JC : guitar, compositions, effectsssssssss ...... and units punk.
MEGA DOM : drums, chorus and grumbler.
CAPTAIN FRANCKY : bass, compositions et mentor.

4/ According to the name of the band and to the tittle of your songs, you seem influenced a lot by the Z-sci-fi 50's! What are your other influences?

  • Mexican catcher Santo's movies
  • Fu Manchu's movies.
  • Russ Meyer and John Waters' movies
  • Betty Page bondage movies
  • 60's surfers B-movies.
  • Bourvil, tiki art, hots rods, alcohol, sex, pin-ups, Japan, Hell and moustaches.

5/ Musicaly, your inspirations ?

Rock' n 'roll 50's, surf, 60's garage, punk rock


Brain Eaters

6/ 2 membres come from the SNAILS. What became the 2 other ones? How and why the adventure of the SNAILS finished?

After 10 years of existence, 2 albums, several tracks on compilations, and more than 200 concerts, we decided to stop (problem of availability of one of the members).

The guitarist-singer actually plays with the WASHINGTON DEAD CATS.
The rhythm-guitarist has stopped the music.

7/ What are your activities outside the band?

Rentiers, epicureans, fathers of family, collectors of discs. And beer tasters in the Bavarian biergarten.

8/ BRAIN EATERS appear on several samplers, and in particular on an american sampler "Release the rats". How have you contact them?


Brain Eaters: discography

It's Anastasia, the boss of Creepy Cat Records, who contacted us, after having discovered our website, and having fallen in love with Prof Boubou.

9/ When will you release an album?

We will work on it in September. It's just a problem of disponibility and a problem of studio.

10/ What do you think of the french Rock/Garage/Psy/... scene ?

The french rock 'n' roll, garage, surf ,punk and psych scene is very flourishing. There are some very good bands in all the places of the France (Marseille , Bordeaux, Rennes, Paris, Besancon, Metz ...etc).
Unfortunately the lack of structures and public slows down the concerts and obliges the bands to play outside France... snif....

11/ What are the bands you are close to?

The Washington Dead Cats, the Defenestrors, the Bad Lieutenants, and, in Germany, the Elektras, Scumbag Roads and the Reekys.

12/ What are your next plans?

  • The recording of a song for a compilation : "Rock'n'roll All Stars".
  • The recording of our album, with our friends of the german label Swindelbra Records, whith who we've already work, on the compilation "The creatures wanna dance".
  • Several concerts in France.
  • The Update of "Hell's Kitchen", our website.

13/ The last Worlds?


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