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January 2005

Does they really need to be introduced?
Well, BATMOBILE is certainly one of the most essential band of the psychobilly scene. They exist since the mid-80's ... and are still rockin' nowadays.
You should know them. If you don't, go and buy all their records right now!!


Special thanx to Joeren

1/ First of all, will there be an new LP of BATMOBILE?

Not for the short term no. We have different projects on which we are working now and for which we are recording material so that has priority (mainly for Eric and myself).

2/ Have you listen to the "TRIBUTE TO BATMOBILE" sampler, out on Downer Rcds?
What do you think about it? A 2nd opus should be made. Have you got any information about it?

Yes I heard it and I recently recieved the Tribute part 2. It's a huge honour that bands take the effort to work on something like this and it's great to realize that there are so many people who are influenced by our a musician you don't think about those things normally (well I don't anyway), but it's cool to realize that this happened.
I like all versions of our songs though I have my preferences ofcourse. I don't tell which I like best. Part 2 is pretty cool as well and we recorded a new song for that one too.

3/ 20 years after your beginings, your still so popular. Do you use viagra, or something like that to last so a long time?


Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Yes

4/ A lot of bands have tried to sound like Batmobile. What makes the difference betwenn all the batmobile-like bands, and you? (well, what's the secret of Batmobile?)

I really don't know. Maybe it's the fact that we really grew up together with this music, in the same line up of the band. Besides that we always tried to sound different every album we made which made us a different band then the others in the scene back then. I believe we put up a good live show since we play so well's a matter of experience I think.
Also we are pretty good musicians......well all 3 evenly good or bad and we have a sound of instruments and vocals which isn't copied easily

5/ There's never been a live album (except in video). Why?

There are a few live tracks on Buried Alive and we released a live single with 4 songs......I think when we were recording a lot we concentrated on making good and innovative studio albums, we thought that added more to what we did then registrating a live concert. We are thinking about releasing something though, but it's not very clear how, when or what.


6/ Batmobile on DVD?

Same story.......... there should be one and we're thinking about realizing that.

7/ You said, a long time ago, that BATMOBILE doesn't play Psychobilly, but Rockabilly. Is it still true today?

I believe it's more true today then it was back then. A lot of psychobilly has evolved to loud crossovers with punk or metal influences. If I listen to our old albums they sound even more rockabilly to me then they did back then.
I don't know and frankly I really don't care. If people want to call us hiphopfunkabillytrance they go ahead and do so. We just do our thing and try to be a bit different then the others.

8/ What do you think of the current psychobilly scene?

I don't think about it. There are people who I like and respect in this scene and outside of it. That's what's important to me.

9/ A lot of people think that "Welcome to Planet Cheese" isn't your best recording. What do you think about it? What is, according to you, the best LP of BATMOBILE?

Planet Cheese!!!


10/ ... and the best song that BATMOBILE has ever done?

"Aardvark Blues" (hahahahahaha)........I don't know. The songs we do live are the songs people react mostly to in a show. But that doesn't mean I like those the best. Personally I love a few songs on our last album, because they are personal to me and I wrote them from my own life experiences which is a totally different thing then writing about a traintrip to Transsylvania

11/ You (well, I mean each one of you) have made a lot of side projects, have played with a lot of other bands (GECKO BROS., SIN ALLEY, CACTUS COWBOY, ...).
Could you tell us more about this?

Eric does a lot of good work lately with the Gecko's and Johnny with the Apemen.
I am working on an Elvis only album which is something I have been planning to do for almost 20 years that's pretty much a dream come true.
I do this with Mars and Marc, both members of the band 69Beavershot. We plan to release the album next spring.


12/ I've been told you were teaching young bands how to be on stage. Is it correct?

I an putting up a small business with that yes. I haven't had much time for it lately but it's really cool to work with young people and tell them about your experiences and your ideas

13/ Well, BATMOBILE has been seen in a lot of concerts, since a few years. Is it the true come-back of BATMOBILE?

Also that is something I don't know for sure. For now we have planned shows until the end of 2005 but as soon as one of us says that he doesn't want to do it anymore we quit again. It's all for the fun now and I feel it's a sort of extra-time which easily can finish any moment. I just enjoy the ride as long as it takes.

14/ Last Words?

Thanx for having this interview. It's good to know there are still people out there who appreciate us. We saw that at our last show in Paris.
Thank you all.

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