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April. 2007

New band coming from Belgium, The MUTANT WOLF turn up with with IN HELL, their demo CD, and a raging wil to play.
Interview with the Mutants...


Photo: fred - shoot me again
Photo: fred - shoot me again

1/ Presentation of the members of the band: Who's who?

We are 3 in the band: Freddy - vocals and guitar, Zorck - drums, and Niko - doublebass.

2/ Where does the name of the band come from?

The name of the band has been inspired by our lair (La Louviere). And why Mutant? Because we belong to the Psychobilly movement since 20 years, and this movement has given birth to a lot of mutations as much physical as mental (particularly mental). And, above all, we are that kind of monster lookin' for flesh, blood and specially sex, and the Mutant Wolf seemed to us to fit the best for our band's name.

3/ How long do you exist for? How many shows?

We exist for over 2 years, now. Niko joined us in October 2006, and since then, the band has developped more and more power and energy, show after show.
We have already played 50 concerts, and, our best moment was in Rennes (F), at the Mondo Bizarro club. Hello to the Breitz Wankers crew!

4/ Some of you have already played in other formations?

Yes. Zorck used to drum for the Ratz Realm with freddy in the Kafeteatre. Niko used to sing and slap with the Asteroide (FR)

5/ What are the main influences of the band? How'd you describe your sound?

Our main influences are the Meteors, Batmobile, Demented are go and all those good old bands that everybody know as leaders of the Psychobilly scene. It's not obvious to answer to this question... There are other important elements: bad experiences, life, death, sex, alcohol, drugs, Rock'n'Roll and all its bad habits, and that's not finished.... Have we mention sex? Our sound directly comes from our heritage from the 80's. We don't want to sound like most of the current bands, though we appreciate them.
We've had a lot of good feed-backs, at the end of our shows, and we're always pleased to hear some very good critrics.

The Mutant Wolf6/ You've just launched a demo CD. Anything else to be released soon?

Yes, the demohas been released in October 2006, and we'll be back in studio in june to present in august our 1st album, already awaited by our fans.

7/ How'd you describe the MUTANT WOLF music?

Our music is a delicate mix of riff psycho and surf riff, sometimes with a sing, sometimes instrumentaly, with a big proportion of Rock'n'Roll, wolf howls and sex (yes, again!).

8/ The JEKYLLS marked th Belgium Psychobilly history, in the end of the 80's. What do they represent to you?

The Jekills marked our spirits, and more, they are our friends since the beginning. We can't play "Marilyn Monroe" without dedicacing this song to Sergio.

The Mutant Wolf9/ Marilyn Monroe, is it really a fantasm?

She's so fuckin' hot: we got a rubber doll from her, and, during our rehearsals ... bip... censored hey hey!

10/ Most of your songs are in french. Is it easy to export those songs?

We can see some good comments on our MySpace page, coming from psychobillies from every countries: U.S.A, Italie, Allemagne, Angleterre, Hongrie, Israel, Letonie etc.. Anyway, people seem to like it.

11/ What are the current bands you are listening to?

Freddy :Lucky Devil's, 3 Lost maniacs (our friends), Meteors, Bannane Metalik, Batmobile etc...
Niko: Zombie ghost train, Gutters Demons and all the classics that I can't stop listenning to
Zorck : everything except rap and this kind of crap

12/ The last words...

We are looking for dates in Europe and abroad, and long life to the Psychobilly Mutants! Thanks to those who support us from the beginning, our fans and the crowd always there.

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