Interview: Bang Bang Bazooka


Franais English

Sept. 2004

16 years ago ... the BANG BANG BAZOOKA saw their 1st LP out on Count Orlock : Mix between Neo-Rockabilly, Psychobilly, and a bluesy-heavy-RnR guitar... Great!
The band is back on stage for a fex monthes. So, you've just have to found out their LP/C (2 albums on Count Orlock), and drive to Holland, where you'll be able to see them live!

Thanx to all the members of the Band - Pictures come from the BBB website :

Marcel - Bang Bang Bazooka

1/ First of all, will there be an new LP of BANG BANG BAZOOKA?

We are busy writin new songs , so... perhaps....


2/ Could you present the current members of BANG BANG BAZOOKA?

It's still the same gang:

  • Marcel = vocals ,rhymthm guitar
  • Francois ( Jean-Francois) = lead guitar, vocals.
  • Rene = drums
  • Bart = double Bass

And when Bart is Speed Rocking all over the world , we have Karel on the double Bass

3/ 14 years after your 2nd and last album, BANG BANG BAZOOKA come back on stage. Why?

We always stayed good friends, we stopped playing because Bart's other band Peter Pan Speed Rock, was/is doing very well and there was no date left for a BBB gig, so it was no use to go on...

Every year at the queensday, there is a big Rock festival in our home town, Rock city Eindhoven the organization was asking for years for the original BBB. Past years we said ok ! and then a lot of stages started to ask for BBB, this is the reason.

Franois - Bang Bang Bazooka

4/ Have you played in some other bands during this period?

During the BBB period and after we were actif in other Bands.

*Francois played with Eric (Batmobile) in this period, in a band called the Backalley Butchers in the same period with Bart on the double bass in the band Blue Fingers, a swing/jazz band, now with The Vindicators (Punk rock) and Light and Shade (Blue grass/Jazz)
*Rene was playing in a Rockabilly Band called the Deltones.
*Marcel with the Bellhops, I guess you know the album on Rockhouse Records ? then played Marcel till now with the Taboozers, also a Rockabilly Band.
*Bart, the busy one played guitar instead of double bass with the Blazing saddles / the gearbox Devils, back on the the bass with the Lovesteaks, and is know rocking all over the world with Peter Pan Speed Rock.
*Karel played the double bass also with the Blazin' saddles and the gearbox devils, after that with the Sideburners, a band a la Paladins then with Marcel and the Taboozers

Ren - Bang Bang Bazooka

5/ Where does the name "BANG BANG BAZOOKA" come from?

... from the dictionary.

We wanted an explosive name. Under "A" was nothing so we went to "B".

6/ Marcel comes from the CAVEMEN. Will their album be released on CD? (and if yes, will there be some extra-tracks, as the songs from the COOL CAT GO APE sampler?)

Marcel didn't play on the album, he co-wrote some songs and drew the album cover.
If it will be released on Cd? ask Count orlock records 'cause we don't know.

7/ What are your main musical influences?

Rockabilly, Rock' n Roll, Punk Rock, Surf, blue grass, Jazz, just go on, we love all kind af roots Music.

8/ How could you describe your music?

Rockabilly in a heavy sauce....

9/ What do you think of the current psychobilly/neo-rockabilly scene?

we all have different opinions about it, can't answer otherwise we will talked only about it till tomorrow morning.

10/ What are the last 5 albums you bought?

Bart - Bang Bang Bazooka
  • Johnny Cash / when the man comes around
  • Robert Gordon/ satisfied mind
  • the seatsniffers/ burn down the cornfield
  • Rockin' Ryan and the real Goners/ caged heat
  • Stray Cats live 14/07/04 Amsterdam.

11/ What's new in your music? How the group did evolve musicaly?

Nothing, for us it's just ordinary Rockabilly

12/ What are BANG BANG BAZOOKA's plans for the future?

have a lot of fun...............

13/ Last Words?

we will play the 11/09 in the Effenaar with BATMOBILE, 29/10 in Velhoven in the Lava lounge support act will be Chanel Red, 30/10 in Amstedam in the Cruisin, 13/02/05 in Bunnik on a tatoo meeting.
Hope to see one of you on one of those dates, ciao !

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